While you’re walking your dog you trip over raised concrete.  Your neighbor’s tree roots have raised and buckled the sidewalk.  It’s been like this for years!  You think, “why doesn’t he get this fixed?”  He’s lucky it was you and not someone else.  Another person might sue him.  The interesting thing about sidewalks is that although we don’t own them, homeowners are obligated to maintain them.  In some cases, the government will help, but generally speaking, you’re on your own.  Contact Spring Concrete Contractors to repair and install new sidewalks and retaining walls.  This service is available to businesses and homeowners.

How Failed Sidewalks Impact Walking

When human beings walk, we lift our feet off the ground 2 inches.  Now imagine if the sidewalk is bucked or raised in any way, you are bound to trip or fall.  As the species begins to master the art of walking, we tend to get comfortable in our new found skill.  This means that the distance between the ground and our feet lessens.  The likelihood of you tripping and falling increases.  If you’re young and nimble, you can catch yourself and regain balance.  Others may fall, curse with frustration, dust themselves off and keep it moving.  Failed sidewalks pose a significant threat to the elderly and physically challenged because they may fall and seriously injure themselves and not be able to get up.

Legal Liabilities

You pay taxes to maintain the town’s infrastructure but you are responsible for repairing the sidewalks.  We know it’s unfair but we didn’t make the rules.  When the sidewalk in front of your home or business fails, it’s up to you to fix it.  The town may assist by subcontractor a concrete installation company but it can take several months and be costlier than hiring a contractor yourself.  Mitigate your liability by repairing your sidewalk the moment you realize it is in disrepair.  If someone injures themselves while walking or jogging in front of your house or place of business, you will be responsible for their legal fees, medical expenses, plus pain and suffering.

Hiring a Concrete Contractor

Lots of contractors pour concrete but how do you know which one is best at installing sidewalks?  Scrolling through endless listings of local contractors can be overwhelming.  Each one promises to do the same thing.  It is important to check their credentials before making a final decision.  Spring Concrete Contractors is licensed, bonded and insured to operate within the state of Texas.  Community verification is also key.  Peruse our 5-star Yelp reviews to discover that we are well respected in Spring.  We earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for using superior products, our attention to detail and heightened level of expertise.     

Sidewalk Lifespan

Statistics show that the average sidewalk in America lasts about 35 years.  This is taking into account severe freeze and thaw cycles.  Spring experiences very hot summers and mild winters.  Since the weather is not as intense as the Midwest and Northeast, your sidewalk will endure for a much longer period.  In fact, by following proper protocol and using a few tricks of the trade, any sidewalk installed by Spring Concrete Contractors will last a lifetime.  Notwithstanding consistent pressure from tree roots.  If you have a robust tree pushing against man-made inventions, we can install flexible rubber panels to mitigate the damage.


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