In Texas, we love our backyard barbecues.  It’s a time for loved ones to come together, catch up and unwind from a hectic week.  You’ve been to plenty of get-togethers during the balmy summers hosted on someone’s wood patio.  It was enjoyable but typical in every way.  We’ve seen our fair share of weathered plank patios.  Don’t you want something different?  Step away from the norm with Spring Concrete Contractors.  Allow us to create a patio that will keep their tongues wagging.  Host backyard shindigs, elegant dinner parties, joyous birthday parties or simply relax on a custom concrete patio.

Concrete Staining

When you think of concrete, what are some images that come to mine?  For most people it’s grey monotonous slabs, sidewalks and nondescript vessels.  Concrete is like a porous sponge.  It can be transformed into anything you desire.  With timber, you’re limited with limited to geometric shapes but concrete can be poured into any organic mold of your choosing.  The color options are nearly limitless.  We can apply a transparent cobalt grey, blue or brick red tint or create a custom vibrant hue and coat it with epoxy.  Consider a stain that complements your home’s exterior or one that is diametrically opposed. 

Concrete Stamping

The beauty of concrete patios is that they can be made to resemble any surface you can think of.  Marble, slate, brick, wood, pavers and cobble stone are all within the realm of what we can do with concrete.  Stamping is a tedious process used to create textures and patterns within concrete.  We are no longer limited to light brush marks.  The concrete industry has devised a way to create a wood patio without the laborious upkeep.  Once it is stained and sealed, you’ve got a patio that will last lifetimes.  All you have to do is sweep or hose it down occasionally.

Concrete Sealant

When it’s all said and done, applying the sealant is the last step.  Sealant will make your patio impervious to rain, heat, harmful UV rays, grease and barbecue sauce.  Allow us to construct a patio that will bring you joy and peace of mind.  Spend the entire weekend lounging, breathing in fresh air and reading a good book.  Enjoy a glass of wine or tall brew on your new concrete patio and concrete driveway Your home should be your sanctity.  Patios are an extension of your indoor environment.  If you enjoy watching movies, we can build an outdoor home theater on your patio. 

Planters and Fire Pits

When it comes to patios, our strategy is to blend hardscape and softscape elements.  Typically, patios are created as a separate entity from the garden.  Good design creates harmony between the existing architecture and vegetation.  During your complimentary consultation, the product specialist will sit with you to hash your goals and plot your wish list.  We understand that you want a patio – but why?  Is it to expand your garden?  Do you want to roast marshmallows and engage your children with family lore?  If that is the case, our design team can incorporate planters and fire pits within the layout.     


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