Pouring concrete is a major undertaking.  You have given this project a great deal of thought.  You’ve allocated a budget and now you are ready to execute.  Who will you choose to install your concrete slab foundation?  There are many contractors vying for the opportunity but it can be difficult to discern who is right for the undertaking.  Spring Concrete Contractors has been pouring concrete since 1994.  For over 25 years, our concrete foundations have been structurally sound and backed by a warranty.  We possess the technical skills, manpower, tools and equipment to get the job done.

The Purpose of a Foundation

You may be surprised to discover that foundations serve 3 purposes.  As you know, our earth is constantly moving.  The ground never stops vibrating and shifting.  Earthquakes are indicative of more intense movements.  As the earth does its thing, the foundation ensures that the structure resting on top moves in unison.  Without a foundation, a building’s load would not be spread evenly.  During an earthquake, the left side of your home can shift up while the right side can shift down, thereby splitting the house in 2.  When structures are located on top of or on the side of a hill, foundations prevent them from leaning and and sliding down hills and mountains. 

Foundation Applications

If you’re thinking of constructing a shed, you need a foundation.  Do you want to build a new garage?  If so, a foundation is required.  Foundations are applicable for residential, commercial and industrial usage.  There are different foundation solutions for various structures.  It would be our pleasure to hash out the details and explore all of your options during a complimentary consultation.  You are under no obligation to purchase.  By assisting you to make the best decision, you’re inadvertently helping us.  We prefer to work with well informed clients.  Our company possesses the equipment, skillset and team to pour foundations for residential clients with modest budgets and expansive commercial projects.

Foundation Installation Costs

It’s difficult to state with accuracy what the cost for your foundation will be.  There are many factors to consider.  We would have to view the area and test your soil to be certain.  If the proposed building area has soft soil, we will need to remove a good portion of it and replace it with dirt that is more conducive for the project.  The same can be said for porous soil.  The most ideal dirt should be non-porous to prevent the slab from eroding.  The scope of the project is another aspect to consider.  For detailed cost information, contact us today.

Commercial and Residential Foundations

The general process for installing concrete slab foundations for commercial buildings and residences is the same.  The variation lies in the scale of the project.  Structures of immense size and capacity require more reinforcement.  Smaller buildings necessitate the same amount of detail but the technical features are not as intricate.  Spring Concrete Contractors has the capacity to succeed in both commercial and residential environments.  We possess the soft skills to interpret and listen to what you are communicating.  Construction involves science and emotional intelligence.  When you have both, there is no way you can lose.      


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