Concrete is hands down the best surface for driveways.  Gravel is an inexpensive but messy alternative.  It winds up going everywhere and doesn’t offer much traction.  Pavers are less durable and prone to staining.  Asphalt provides a sleek appearance but has a shorter lifespan and is less elegant.  If you want to boost your home’s value and curb appeal, opt for a concrete driveway.  You will feel a sense of accomplishment when you pull up to your newly stained and stamped driveway.  Get ready for the inquisition about who installed it and how much it cost. 

Concrete Driveway Benefits

Once your concrete driveway has been poured, stamped, stained and sealed, it will be another 72 hours before you can drive on it.  While other surfaces begin to deteriorate, concrete is still getting stronger.  This surface hardens over the course of several years.  Commercial and residential clients love the fact that it is both resilient and affordable.  You neighbor chose asphalt because it’s less expensive – but you know better.  If you spend less money on the front end, you’re bound to spend more money on the backend.  Concrete requires little to no maintenance and lasts longer.  It is also environmentally friendly as it is produced from industrial byproducts.

Commercial and Residential Concrete Applications

When we began installing concrete driveways 25 years ago, most of our clients were homeowners.  Increasingly, commercial real estate professionals and property managers are approaching us for expansive concrete driveways.  The applications are nearly endless.  Boost your property value and enhance your curb appeal with a gorgeous concrete driveway.  It would be our pleasure to pour a concrete driveway for your fast-food drive through, medical office, salon, restaurant or boutique.  It will literally pay for itself.  Catch passerby’s attention with a flawless concrete driveway.  Opt for a bit of color to enhance your building’s existing architectural detail.


Anything worth waiting for takes time.  Your driveway will be out of commission for 3 to 5 days depending on the scope of the work.  Give us time to prepare the surface, pour the concrete, stamp, stain and seal it properly.  Solidifying the foundation is key to a concrete driveway that will not prematurely fail.  We’ve all seen cracked and damaged driveways with gaping holes.  You don’t want that to happen to you.  Packing non-porous soil, construction paper and rebar will provide the best foundation possible.  Once the installation is complete, give it 6 hours before you walk on it.  In 72 hours, you can roll your car on the surface.

The Lifespan

If installed properly your driveway will last a lifetime without premature failure.  It won’t crack, fissure or crumble with proper maintenance.  Enlist us to return every two years for re-staining and sealing.  If you decide to change the color of your home and want to update the look of the driveway to complement the upgrade, contact us.  We can resurface the driveway and sidewalk with a new pattern and color.  Transform your driveway from brick to slate, red to blue.  Spring Concrete Contractors’ driveways give your more bang for your buck.  For more information about concrete driveways, contact us today.  


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