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​Welcome to Spring Concrete Contractors where we specialize in concrete repair and installations for homes and businesses.  Our services cascade into commercial, industrial and residential territories.  Our team is adept in concrete patio installations and concrete crack repair.  We use superior materials and cut costs by purchasing directly from the manufacturer at wholesale prices.  When considering companies for your next concrete project, contact us.  We take pride in our work.  Each installation and repair is backed by a comprehensive warranty.  For more information about our products and services, call or email us today.

About Us

There are several gypsy contractors in Spring that do concrete work.  We are the only award winning concrete company in this town.  Our 5-star Yelp reviews speak for themselves.  Clients praise our concrete services.  They remark about our attention to detail, timeliness and professionalism. We earned our good standing by providing the community with consistent and much needed quality concrete services.  Our team possesses the necessary skill set to pour a concrete foundation and install a retaining wall.  As you can see, our breadth of knowledge is wide.    

Our Services

We offer a plethora of concrete services for commercial enterprises and home owners.  There is nothing that we cannot do with concrete.  Our crew members are masters of their craft.  It’s a relief to know that when you enlist Spring Concrete Contractors, you are working with perfectionists.  Our eyes are trained to see irregularities before you do.  We do our due diligence to follow proper concrete protocol and OSHA safety standards.  You can trust that your patio, driveway, sidewalks, retaining wall and foundation will be installed with the utmost care and precision.  We combine soft skills with technical ability to bring you a winning package.  



While pouring your concrete patio, we can also add on a concrete walkway that joins with a sparkling new concrete sidewalk.  Once you start, it’s hard to stop.  Our work has a way of making people want to renovate their entire home.  It starts with a customized patio and before you know it, we’ve done the retaining wall too.  Patios are an extension of the indoor experience.  The joy you feel inside should spill into the outdoors and overflow.


Spring Concrete Contractors is one of the few cement contractors that installs superior stamped concrete driveways.  Most concrete companies market themselves as expert stampers but in reality they haven’t mastered the craft.  We merge artistry with constructive to yield superior results.  Boost your curb appeal and increase the value of your home with a bespoke, stamped, stained and sealed concrete driveway.  Our team can create an old world or contemporary look perfect for your home. 



Despite not owning the sidewalk in front of your home or business, you are still responsible for it.  Spring Concrete Contractors offers superior commercial and residential concrete services.  We possess the capacity to repair and install new concrete sidewalks.  Allow us to take care of all the required documentation.  We will take care of everything, all you need to do is authorize the service.  Sidewalks can be both functional and attractive.  Let us show you how


It’s quite sad that many contractors are still installing retaining walls incorrectly.  Leaning and busted retaining walls are quite common.  You don’t have to worry about premature failure with Spring Concrete Contractors.  Our team always follows best practices.  Proper drainage, reinforcement and sealants are used to keep your retaining wall up to standard.  For thorough retaining wall repair, contact the best in the business.  Our retaining walls are affordable and beautiful. 



We specialize in concrete slab foundation repair, new concrete foundations and new concrete slab foundation for room additions.  When we say that there is nothing we cannot do with concrete, we mean it.  As masters of our craft, we can pour a concrete foundation with our eyes clothes.  Spring Concrete Contractors is family owned and operated.  We have been pouring foundations for over 25 years.  We welcome the opportunity to work with you.  To learn more about our services and credentials, contact us today. 


Spring Concrete Contractors makes concrete repair simple and affordable.  There is no reason to stare at unsightly, failed concrete once you have read this.  We are local concrete contractors that offers excellent concrete repair at an affordable rate.  Even the most modest budgets can afford our services.  We possess the tools, know-how and skilled labor to repair busted sidewalks, chipped driveways, and cracked patios.  If you’re experiencing a foundation compromise, we can remedy that as well. 


“After hiring them Spring Concrete Contractors to install my retaining wall, I became a fan. They are the best, top, affordable, concrete contractors in Spring. The crew added light and water features. My backyard is a welcome oasis after a long, hard day at work.” – Anna W.

“I had a burst pipe underneath my concrete slab. The plumber cut through it but failed to repair the damage. She recommended Spring Concrete Contractors for the repair. They followed up with me in a timely manner and were extremely professional. I would definitely hire them again.” – Harris Q.

“Spring Concrete Contractors poured a concrete slab for a shed I planned to install. The crew arrived on time and were very respectful. I was surprised at how fast they finished. The foreman even returned the following week to check on my progress. They are A-1 in customer service and ability.” – Al B.


Our company is available via phone and email.  We are conveniently located in Spring and can reach you at a moment’s notice.  We are known in this area for specialized concrete garage foundation repair.  We’ve never seen 2 foundations that are quite the same.  Each foundation settles differently and bears varying loads.  It would be our pleasure to remedy any foundation problems you may have.  We welcome the opportunity to build a retaining wall for your garden or front yard.  Contact us to create a patio for your home or outdoor employee break area.  When you are ready to have a new sidewalk installed, schedule a complimentary consultation.