When you scan across your backyard, what do you see?  We want you to be inspired and feel rejuvenated.  Studies have shown that hospital patients with a bird’s eye view of trees and vegetation recover much faster than those without access to nature.  Consider a retaining wall to add visual variation and interest to your property.  Perhaps you think it would be too costly.  Spring Concrete Contractors offers stunning retaining walls at affordable prices.  Retaining walls are applicable for commercial and residential properties.  It’s a cinch to incorporate lighting and water features into a design.  For more information about how retaining walls can beautify your property, contact us today.

Retaining Wall Benefits

Retaining walls are not just for decoration.  They serve a specific purpose.  Retaining walls prevent soil erosion, flooding and damage to property.  Whether your home is situated on a hill or in a valley, it can benefit for a retaining wall.  When it rains, a retaining wall will prevent soil, mud and debris from traveling down hill and into your home.  Trust us, removing mud from your basement and patio is not fun.  Retaining walls prevent sink holes and unsightly dirt mounds.  Preserve your garden with a well constructed retaining wall.  If you prefer the look of brick, slate or pavers, it can be stamped with a particular pattern and stained to resemble the color of the aggregate you desire.

Why Concrete is Better

It’s no mystery that retaining walls buckle and crumble.  When they are constructed with pavers, stone and brick, gravity will inevitably take the path of least resistance.  The weight of the soil will push through the mortar.  Stacked pavers don’t stand a chance against wet dirt.  Concrete retaining walls are seamless, therefore, they are less likely to fail.  If you want a retaining wall that will withstand the test of time and require minimal maintenance, concrete is the best way to go.  Concrete also gives you the most options in terms of color, texture and patterns. 

Construction Duration

You might be saying, “Well it all sounds good but how long with this take?”  The time it takes to construct your retaining wall depends on the scope of the project.  If we are to cover a small area, less time is required.  Give us one day to dig and prepare the foundation.  Seventy-two hours is necessary for the concrete to dry.  Should you opt for stamping and staining, calculate an additional day.  Trust us, it will be worth it.  For high traffic commercial areas, our team can work during non operating hours.  If you’d prefer that we work while your business is open, expect some delays.

Life Span

Where most contractors fail is neglecting to install a proper drainage system when building retaining walls.  In 1 to 2 years, those walls will lean, crumble and fall.  When you enlist Spring Concrete Contractors, your investment will stand the test of time.  A hydro resistant sealant is applied to prevent water from permeating the surface.  By following concrete installation best practices, taking the time to prepare the foundation and utilizing superior materials, your retaining wall will last beyond the requisite 35 years.  We offer a workmanship warranty for each retaining wall installed.  When you are ready to sell or vacate your property, the retaining wall will still be in good condition.   


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